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What we do

At Car On Rentals we understand that a trip to your desire place is an opportunity to create a lifetime of memories and the last thing you want is to have those memories interrupted by trouble with your rental car.This is why everything we do - from the way we design the interface to easily select and book your Car On Rentals car.We have taken the care to give you best cars with excelent facilities to ensure that when you book your car with Car On Rentals your trip will be smooth, enjoyable and hassle free!

We Offer Following Services

In City Rentals service
Full Day, Half Day

CarOnRentals has been offering Local-Full day taxi services

This service is useful for the traveler who would want to travel within city or for local sightseeing within the city limits. When you book a local taxi service for the whole day, you won't have to worry about getting from place to place. Head out and spend the day shopping, exploring and rediscovering a new city. Go ahead and book a cab for 8 hours/ 80 km or 12 hours/ 120 km, depending on your plan for the day. We'll pick you up from the location of your choice and drop you back.

Our chauffeur driven car will be at your disposal the whole day, and our drivers will even give you insights, recommend the city's hidden gems, tell you a bit about its history and even tell you some of the best places to eat at.

Out City Rentals services
Round trip , One way , Multicity

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CarOnRentals has been offering Out city Round Trip taxi services,where a traveller can starts and ends his taxi trip in the same city where he started from. We take up group packages from a city in India connecting places nearby.

We would send cars accommodating the size of the group. Out city car rental service is divided into three type’s services like: Roundtrip, One Way Trip and Multicity.